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Monday, March 12, 2012

Difference between LCD & LED. Which is the Best? LCD vs. LED

            In today’s market, about TVs or Mobiles the most commonly used words are LED and LCD. Before we go on to the differences, let me clear one thing that is LCD is the Technology before LED and LED is the addition of technology to the LCD, that means (LED = Some differences + LCD.) LED screen can’t be made without using LCD.

What’s the Difference?
               So, what is the difference between LCD and LED?
The difference is the back-light of the monitors. While the technology of the displays of LCD’s and LED’s is basically the same, the LCD monitor uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps as back-lights as compared to the LED monitors that emit diodes. While this is not the only difference between the two, this is the main difference, and another major difference between LCD monitors and LED monitors is energy consumption. LED’s are unarguably better on power consumption. On average they use 40% less power than their LCD counterparts, a percentage that really starts adding up, especially for computers that are used regularly in a home or office setting.

     Now here comes the physical difference. We say that the LCD screen is not that much clarity when view from side compared to LED. This is  because of the angle of view-ability. LCD monitors are better viewed directly on. If you go too far to one side or another, or if you go too far to the left or to the right, the computer display distorts. LED’s have a much sharper image, even from an angle.

   So LCD is low cost with low clarity with High power Consumption

On the other hand,

   LED is high cost with high clarity with Low power consumption.

So the choice is yours, as per your Budget and Requirement.



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